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I have a lot to share with all of you! And I am redoing my whole blog on my paranormal and psychic experiences.

My Future

This weekend I once again sat down with a medium to talk about my paranormal occurrences and this time my future. Earlier last month my alarm clock would constantly go off at three a.m. and the medium told me it was indeed my grandfather and that he acknowledged me talking to him. It is kind of scary knowing that ghost are real and it is not like the TV shows. There is no such thing as a crossing over once your dead because the people I loved the most who died are still with me in spirit. I can hear them, smell them, and feel them. Sometimes I wonder how long I can deal with this because after a while their presence starts to drive me nuts. I guess I just need better ways of communicating with spirits. The one thing that shocked me the most is when I asked the psychic if I was going to marry my current boyfriend Kyle. I thought I was going to marry Kyle because he is 27 and usually older guys want to settle down eventually right? Well the psychic told me NO, a straight no. I asked her why and she said because once college is over your whole life is going to change. Apparently I am going to get a corporate job and while I am working I am going to meet a guy at my job or at another job that has a manager position and we are going to travel the world. This is like my dream! But I couldn’t imagine not having it with my current boyfriend. It makes me wonder if I just walk away from him now even though I love him, but it sounds like I may meet my soul mate. As much as I love my boyfriend, if I don’t leave him and my soul mate is out there I only don’t ruin my happy ending but I ruin that other man’s too. I don’t want that, but she told me not to worry until I graduate so I have three years to think on it I guess. Life works in mysterious ways and not everything can be explained. 

3 AM

Last night I slept over at my boyfriend Kyle’s apartment as we watched Hell Raiser. I did not find it scary because it was made in the 1990s but whenever I watch something that is borderline paranormal things start to happen. I was freezing and I couldn’t escape the chills. I was wrapped up in a blanket and my Kyle was lying on the couch with me. I was somewhat paranoid because the movie ended at 3 am and I felt a presence watching us. I saw a dark shadow but I ignored it. My boyfriend took me to bed and as we were about to fall asleep I heard a whisper. Someone was calling me. I got out of bed and moved towards his bedroom door. Kyle asked me, ” Where are you going?” and I’d assured him I’d be right back. I shut his bedroom door behind me and as I turned around a tall dark shadow was standing before me, clear as day. I opened the bedroom door and said, “Holy Shit”. Kyle asked me what was wrong and I told him he wouldn’t believe me but I told him anyway as he usually does not believe in spirit. I sat at the end of the bed watching the door. I couldn’t sleep. I sat up until Kyle persuaded me to lay down with him. Whatever or whoever that was, it didn’t leave. It watched me fall asleep. 

No Good Dreaming

I met a woman tonight who claims she can read energies but I know she is not a legit psychic. I do have no doubt that she has some sort of spiritual ability but for once I actually became irritated. I had an amatory dream with another man which is embarrassing! My dreams usually involved zombies and some sort of chaos! But don’t all men dream about other women and it means nothing? I think it is in our nature to be curious of being with another human-being. Nor do I have any feelings for any other man. Although a legit dream reader would be telling me I am dissatisfied within my relationship and I would deny this to their face. 

The first thing the energy reader said to me was, “Leave! Get out!” She has no clue of our relationship my boyfriend and myself have or what we have gone through. Recently we have grown stronger towards one another as we spend more time together. Temporarily are relationship was weakened due to him not being able to trust me but he moved past it. This energy reader told me I’d never change and our relationship would fail. She has no idea what compromises I have had to endure. Every relationship has a rough spot and nothing will ever be perfect. This is all apart of life, facing the challenges. I changed myself out of love and I do not believe I could have for anyone else. Even though I did not want to change, it helped me grow up and better myself. I no believe a person who is not fully in-tuned with their abilities should be telling someone to leave their significant other. She cannot read me properly and I feel as she knew nothing about us. We just had a challenge and we worked through it. The next step is to see a real psychic together and see what happens. 

The Soap Factory- A Haunted House For Adults

For years now I have been wanting to experience The Soap Factory’s adult haunted house in Minneapolis. For one the basement of the haunted house is actually haunted even though I did not come across any real spirits, only the actors. I had no idea what to expect because I had to sign a waiver due to that fact that the actors can touch me but I cannot touch them. My mother, her friend (Kate), and my boyfriend (Kyle) went along with me. As we arrived we headed inside where we had to put on paintball masks and jumpsuits. After putting on our new apparel we entered the basement as a group of four but that did not last for long. As we stepped off of the last step into a dark dusty room there were shadows surrounding us. It smelt like saw dust and the air felt dirty. All of the sudden it felt as if I was in grand theft auto or maybe even bootcamp. A man no older than myself was yelling at me to get the fuck down constantly. I didn’t get down fast enough so he pulled me by my hair onto the floor and pushed me. Of course I started laughing which was a bad idea. The man knelled on the floor besides me and asked me what was so funny and I said you are. He yelled at me to get up and put my hands on the wall. I said no and he yelled, Fucking do it! I put my hands on the wall and realized it was slimy.  It  had been from paint. I then knew it was from paint ball guns. The man started shooting paint balls above my fingertips and one of them hit my hand as it was somewhat painful. At this point I was alone in the dark basement as he pushed me back onto the ground. A different man yelled at me to get out and I ran out of the room hoping to get away from how annoying this just became. I was hoping to get scared, not bitched out. I somehow found my mother and a ghost (actor) led us to these doors that we had to each enter alone. I put both of my hands on the door and went through where it was even darker. I stopped as the door shut behind me and saw a hallway aligned with fences as fake smoke rises above.I was nervous that something or someone was going to grabbed me so I finally ran. At the end of the fences I was reunited with my Kyle, Kate, and my mother. A woman who is a reenactment character from American Horror Story Asylum was playing with our heads. She was talking a whole bunch of gibberish as she made my mother slide through a crack in the wall and another lady was told that she was the salad and had to crawl through an endless hole in the wall till she reached the other side. Then Kyle, Kate, and myself had to walk with our heads together through the hall of thinking. Once we lost site of the crazy woman we ran into more aggressive men pushing and pulling us into different directions. I was thrown into a box as a man yelled at me to sit on the floor and face the wall but my box was the way out. I started to pound on a door that would not open and another woman opened the door and sprayed me in the face with water and than closed it. I was told to get undressed and take off my jumpsuite. I took it off and a man came into the box with me. He started stroking my hair and told me I was a pretty little fucker and walked out. Two more people in jumpsuits came into my box as I was taken out and thrown into a box with my boyfriend and another woman. I was then let out of the box and into a room with the woman who kept spraying me with water. I sat down onto chairs next to my mother. If you talked you were punished. As I sat quietly Kyle came out of the box shirtless. One of the female ghouls made him take it off. Kate sat down as well and she was taken away immediately to move on to the next room. My mother was a smartass and said bye to her which resulted in us getting sprayed with water till we were soaked. My mother, boyfriend, and I were then the next to leave. We were all confused when we ended up in a room that was pitch black. We couldn’t see anything. We felt along the walls for five minutes until we found a door that we walked out of and into an allusion. The allusion looked as if we were on a cloudy river at night. I could see the stars, the moon, and the mist. I knew something was going to pop out so I decided to bend down and walk under it. I took one step into the next room and almost fell. The room was spinning and I was now on some sort of disk. No one could figure out how to get off and I decided to just jump off. Once we all got off we found my Kate again and opened the next door. It looked as if McDonalds had an apocalypse with dead children. There laid a pit full of colorful balls, ripped up stuff animals, tore clothing and a woman who looked like a clown out of Silent Hill with an extended arm. I was just waiting for a ringing bell to go off and ashes to fall. I was the first to jump in as I ran through the balls for my life. Kyle jumped in and ran across as well. I grabbed his hand as we ran down the hall. My mother and her friend got stuck as Kate hurt her ankle in the ball pit. As I ran down the hall with my boyfriend we opened the next door. It was once again McDonalds from Hell. I shut the door as the freaky clowns started to lift up off from the floor. I hate clowns! We all walked through the hallway together and past the clowns as one started dancing. Finally I thought we were free. We entered a dark room and I saw stairs that were lit up. The  room was big and dusty. I was no longer tense and finally relaxed. Out of nowhere a man on stilts came running towards me. I was holding onto my boyfriend and we were behind a beam so he couldn’t get us. We ran past him as he was terrorizing my mother and Kate. After that it was over. My half an hour of Hell was not as scary as I expected it to be. I wish I would have gone to the trail of terror instead. At least there they try and scare you. Here I was pushed and pulled and never really scared. I was more so annoyed and no one looked as terrifying as a real haunted house for kids.

Last night I tried to communicate with spirit with my best friend Hana. As we set up my video camera we started summoning my grandfather. There was a very strong chill in the air and my bedroom is usually boiling due to my lizard’s heater and lights. One strange occurrence happened but we do not know if it was from spirit. A big bag of trail mix fell off of my nightstand and continued to make noises on the floor. We believe it was from spirit but we cannot prove it. After channeling my grandfather we listened to our video on the camera we had recorded it on. We heard a strong whisper and decided that we needed to upload it to the computer. We tried multiple time to upload the video and it wouldn’t work. We thought maybe the memory card didn’t work so we took another video and some photos and they all uploaded no problem. Whatever is on the memory card was not my grandfather and for some reason he does not want us to hear it. 

beginning-to-an-end asked: ugh I just discovered your post and I'm full of goosebumbs.

I have a lot of crazy experiences and rather than hiding these experiences. I want to share them with people who are going through what I am.

Contacting The Dead

I met with a medium recently who brought a lot of light to my paranormal and self understanding. She asked me my first, middle, and last name as well as my birthday. I told her and it was as if she lived my life. She knew everything about me. My fears, my flaws, my hopes, and things I needed to move on from. She contacted my grandfather who has passed over recently. Before he died he wanted me to have his books but my grandmother said she threw them away years ago. The look on his face was heart breaking. The medium told me that my grandfather said to not worry about the books anymore. There meant to be read and then you move on with your life. Also, he told me that it is time to move on from my current boyfriend. My grandfather said that he likes my boyfriend but he does not do enough for me as he takes advantage of my time and money. My grandfather said that my boyfriend does not support me in my psychic abilities, which is true, and that is a big deal to me. The medium explained a lot that day about the paranormal happenings in my life. Before my grandfather died, there was a man in my house tormenting me. He was possessive over the land and took advantage of the fact that I could communicate with the dead. He made my life a living hell for a year or two. When my grandfather passed, this spirit left and my grandfather looks over our house at night as he attempts to communicate with us all. He said that he just wants to be noticed. Just because he is dead does not mean he is out of our lives. He said things are good where he is but things are still rocky with his parents. Life is so short and this medium brought so much clarity, I will be seeing her again.

Palm Reader, Palm Reader, O Palm Reader

It was a sunny fall afternoon as I walked into my palm reading session in Uptown, Minnesota. I waited to meet this mysterious person as I looked at books and chatted with others. As my name was called I headed to the back of the store where a man in black waited for me to arrive. I sat down at his table covered with chicken feet, feathers, gems, stones, and voodoo magic. He touched my palms and told me I was one of a kind. I was special. I was creative. This mystery man knew everything about me and helped me understand my personality. That there is nothing wrong with me, I am just different. I tend to be confined only within myself, I do not share much with others as I am non confrontational and he recongized that right away. I will do everything in my power to avoid confrontation which makes people think I am weak as if they can easily get what they want, but I am not weak. I just do not have enough care in the world to deal with other people’s drama. Besides that, he looked deep into my eyes and said I am too giving in relationships which makes my significant others take advantage of my time and money. This is very true. I have a huge heart and I like other people to know that they are special to me. Also, he told me to stay away from making friends within my work because I will always butt heads with them, but if I keep to myself I will be very successful. What shocked me is that he said I am great at starting projects and what not but I have a hard time finishing them. I believe this because of college. I simply run out of time all the time. I take on to much as it is. I am a photographer, I run a blog website, I work full time, I go to college, and so much more. Sometimes I can’t keep up with my life. This magical man made me realize that I just need to keep working hard and great things will happen to me.

My father was telling me that I am crazy because of my paranormal sightings and the things that happen to me. Lately my grandfather has been reaching out to us after his passing. I was talking to both of my parents in the living room and after hearing that I basically need help I decided to go upstairs to my room. I know what I see, I know what I hear, and I am not crazy. As I walked to my room my father walked to the kitchen and my mother walked over to Spike her bearded dragon which was in the cage. My dad yelled my name and said that no one touched the TV remote and the TV changed on its own to a movie called Now You See Me and the title was highlighted in yellow. I went downstairs and looked at my father and said, “You think I’m crazy!?” He asked me what it had meant if a ghost had done it. I told him that grandpa wants you to know that he is here in our house protecting us from the evil spirits. Grandpa wants you to know that he is here watching over us so maybe now you will see him as in realize he is here. My father did not say a word after that and now this weekend I am meeting with a medium.