Amanda Bright

The Hanger

I don’t ask for paranormal experiences, they just happen and recently a lot has been happening but I haven’t had time to blog about them. Recently I was downstairs in my basement which is finished. It is a very nice basement and not creepy in anyway. My friend and I set up the air matress for our sleepover and I noticed the door opened. I ran up the stairs to shut it and when I went back down it was opened again. I was like well this is odd, so I left it opened. All of the sudden a bunch of hangers fell on the floor in front of the door. I ran up the stairs and saw the hangers. I couldn’t explain how they got there and I didn’t know where they came from. This was just another paranormal event. I recently saw a medium again and I asked her, “What can you tell me about the hangers?” She told me that my grandfather who is passed away wanted me to know that he came over for the night to say hi. It was his way of saying hello, which is what I had thought but it amazed me that she knew so much from one little sentence. My grandfather some how took the hangers out of my closet which was located on the second floor and the basement is located on the third floor. He is a very talented ghost and I hope to learn more about the paranormal world through him. 

Mirror Mirror

A few weeks ago I woke up to put my makeup on. As I sat down to turn my makeup mirror on it flickered and turned off. The mirror no longer worked. I was frustrated because mirrors are not cheap. I told my Grandfather who is now passed over that I would appreciate it if he fixed it. The next morning I sat down at my makeup mirror and as I flipped the switch as it turned on. The bulb that was dead was no longer dead. I was amazed and thrilled. I was told by a medium that my Grandfather can do almost anything if he uses electricity. Not only did he fix my mirror he fixed my printer as well. The spirit world works in mysterious ways.

My Future

This weekend I once again sat down with a medium to talk about my paranormal occurrences and this time my future. Earlier last month my alarm clock would constantly go off at three a.m. and the medium told me it was indeed my grandfather and that he acknowledged me talking to him. It is kind of scary knowing that ghost are real and it is not like the TV shows. There is no such thing as a crossing over once your dead because the people I loved the most who died are still with me in spirit. I can hear them, smell them, and feel them. Sometimes I wonder how long I can deal with this because after a while their presence starts to drive me nuts. I guess I just need better ways of communicating with spirits. The one thing that shocked me the most is when I asked the psychic if I was going to marry my current boyfriend Kyle. I thought I was going to marry Kyle because he is 27 and usually older guys want to settle down eventually right? Well the psychic told me NO, a straight no. I asked her why and she said because once college is over your whole life is going to change. Apparently I am going to get a corporate job and while I am working I am going to meet a guy at my job or at another job that has a manager position and we are going to travel the world. This is like my dream! But I couldn’t imagine not having it with my current boyfriend. It makes me wonder if I just walk away from him now even though I love him, but it sounds like I may meet my soul mate. As much as I love my boyfriend, if I don’t leave him and my soul mate is out there I only don’t ruin my happy ending but I ruin that other man’s too. I don’t want that, but she told me not to worry until I graduate so I have three years to think on it I guess. Life works in mysterious ways and not everything can be explained. 

Sometimes we dream to escape reality but sometimes we dream to be warned of what is to occur.

3 AM

Last night I slept over at my boyfriend Kyle’s apartment as we watched Hell Raiser. I did not find it scary because it was made in the 1990s but whenever I watch something that is borderline paranormal things start to happen. I was freezing and I couldn’t escape the chills. I was wrapped up in a blanket and my Kyle was lying on the couch with me. I was somewhat paranoid because the movie ended at 3 am and I felt a presence watching us. I saw a dark shadow but I ignored it. My boyfriend took me to bed and as we were about to fall asleep I heard a whisper. Someone was calling me. I got out of bed and moved towards his bedroom door. Kyle asked me, ” Where are you going?” and I’d assured him I’d be right back. I shut his bedroom door behind me and as I turned around a tall dark shadow was standing before me, clear as day. I opened the bedroom door and said, “Holy Shit”. Kyle asked me what was wrong and I told him he wouldn’t believe me but I told him anyway as he usually does not believe in spirit. I sat at the end of the bed watching the door. I couldn’t sleep. I sat up until Kyle persuaded me to lay down with him. Whatever or whoever that was, it didn’t leave. It watched me fall asleep.